Apr 24 2009

Affidavits filed alongwith Nomination Papers

Affidavits filed today alongwith my Nomination papers.
(Please click on individual pages to see large view)
Affidavit regarding Assets, Liabilities, Educational Qualifications, etc.
(5 Pages)

Form 26
Affidavit Regarding any criminal cases, etc. if pending.
(2 Pages)


  1. Shanker Bakshi

    I wish i could have enough money to support my blog. Its my quest to become the biggest blogger of India and the world. well i’m on my way. hope will reach reach there one day.

    We expect a lot of thing from you Mr. Jain, You seems to me promising and willing to take our city beautiful to the world Map

  2. Dhawal Bhandari

    What i know about him,whatever information I gathered from various sources & from childhood that Mr. Jain is very dynamic and true leader of our U.T.
    He has very high aspirations and ambitions to serve the people and I hope that he will definately WIN this time & fulfill his promise & make a chandigarh much more beautiful city than presently now.

    He is very intelligent person & understand that doing the RIGHT thing is often times not the EASY thing.
    He is prepared to fight for benefit of people.
    He will NOT swayed by the judgements and arguments of others, merely to avoid conflict or confrontation; particularly when those judgements or arguments do not serve the greater good.
    Most importantly, He will do what is right EVEN if it causes personal hardship!

    I support Mr.Jain & my vote goes to BJP


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