Feb 27 2014

BJP MP will get Mazdoor Bhawan constructed – Satya Pal Jain

Chandigarh February 27, 2014.  Mr. Satya Pal Jain, Ex-City MP and National Incharge of the Legal and Legislative Cell of the BJP has again said that after the BJP candidate wins the coming Lok Sabha Seat of Chandigarh, the party MP will get a good ‘Mazdoor Bhawan’ constructed in Chandigarh which will be dedicated to labourers and poor workers and hard working sections of society. Satya Pal Jain, Ex-MP and Davesh Moudgil, Deputy Mayor performing Puja in Shiv Mandir Sector 47 on Maha Shivratri Parv

    Mr. Jain was addressing a rally of labourers, which was organized by the Mazdoor Sewa Samiti at Labour Chowk, Sector 40-41, in connection with the Lord Shiv Ratri Celebrations.  Hundreds of workers attended the rally.

     Mr. Jain said that during the Congress rule, the common man is finding it difficult even to feed his family two times in a day, but the big corrupt leaders like ‘Bhai-Bhatija’ and ‘Mama-Bhanja’ grab crores and crores of rupees by corrupt means in a single day.  He said that BJP by projecting a Tea Vender’s son as the Prime Minister of India has made crores and crores of poor people feel proud of it.

    Sh. Jain, along with BJP Councilor and Deputy Mayor, Chandigarh Sh. Davesh Moudgil, participated in Maha Shiv Ratri Celebrations in Shiv Mandir, Sector 47 also.

    Sh. Davesh Moudgil, Deputy Mayor, Chandigarh said that the Congress leaders, Ministers and MPs have become highly arrogant, because of huge wealth and absolute power procured by questionable means. He said that Congress has no  moral right to rule the country.

    Among others, Sh. Jagdish Rohila, Sh. Raju Yadav, President, Sh. Raj Kumar, Sh. Ramakant Yadav, Sh. Dashrath Yadav, Sh. Shiv Bihari Tiwari, Sh. Dinesh Yadav, Sh. Raju Mandal, Sh. M.D. Khan, Sh. Harinder Gupta, Sh. Niranjan Gupta, Sh. Munna Pandey attended the rally.