Apr 10 2009

Chandigarh as an Education Hub

I remember my student days when Chandigarh used to be a destination sought after by every student of the region. In those days, the education being provided by various institutions in the city was far ahead of the times.

Though Chandigarh still attracts students from all over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and other surrounding areas, the trend is gradually shifting. We find many students from the city going to other cities for their education. There is need of more world class educational institutions in Chandigarh, not just at the graduate and post graduate levels but also at the basic levels i.e. schools and pre university course.

On being elected, education would be high on my agenda. My party would strengthen the educational infrastructure of Chandigarh by bringing in premier institutions of the stature of IITs & IIMs to the city.

These institutions would serve dual purposes. Firstly, they would provide our students with the best of educational avenues in the city itself. Secondly, they would produce a highly skilled workforce in Chandigarh, which would attract big companies and industries to Chandigarh in the long run.

Likewise, the existing institutions like the Panjab University, PGIMER, PEC need to be strengthened financially and in terms of infrastructural requirements. I would like to bring about further improvements in these institutions in consultation with the students, faculty as well as the parents.

The youth of Chandigarh today has to venture out of the city to seek different and unique education. In view of the global as well as national challenges in the field of education, there is a need for shifting focus of the educational infrastructure of the city from conventional courses to career-oriented courses. Therefore, I intent to bring to Chandigarh institutions offering specialised career oriented courses in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, hotel management, aviation, specialized medical institutions, nursing, etc.

The aim is to make our city more resourceful and attractive for the various Job givers to come and hire people from our U.T.

I look forward to your ideas & suggestions.

Warm Regards,

Satya Pal Jain


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  1. Anonymous

    I fully endorse this proposal. We must do something to stop this Brain Drain out of Chandigarh. Why should good lucrative jobs be available only in Gurgaon & Bangalore.. why not in Chandigarh?


  2. Anonymous

    I think its a good idea..
    we all are with you


  3. gaurav

    there was not enough structure available regarding electronics and communication in our city…..
    so pl try to set up some inndustry regarding this………
    Gaurav Bijlwan

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Sir,

    Chandigarh has almost one Government Model School in every sector. The conditions of the schools are really pathetic and believe me the government has not done much to improve their conditions.
    No good family wants their children to study in Model Schools. Everyone is running after private schools. And why shouldn’t they run? Its about children’s future.
    This has made competition high in private schools, high demands, donations and admissions have become all the more difficult.
    As shared by you in this blog, I request you to please take up this matter as soon as you are elected.

    Rashmi & Abhishek

  5. Ajay

    Dear sir
    I am Ajay Arora son of Raghuvir lal Arora, as i am out of the country i couldnt wish you luck this time.. but i am sure and confident that this time you will win chandigarh constituency and NDA will lead the country.. All the best

  6. Anonymous

    Your dream to make Chandigarh as Education HUB is very much of significance for people of Chandigarh . You are talking of benefit of surrounding area also ,it is good ,but if you do talk for Chandigarhian means bonafide resident of chandigarh it would be much better. This way one should particularly have more conecrn for its own city and generally for well being of others . You should differentalte in the meaning of Voter & supporter .The voters of chandigarh chooses so their demand should be met first and supporter should come to the 2nd place.

  7. Anonymous

    Your approach that voter comes first and supporter second is good for the welfare of your own chandigarhian. I hope you have also attention & vision for lowering cost of education.

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