May 12 2009

Making Private Schooling Affordable

I was approached by private school teachers and parents during my election campaign. While the teachers were angry because of the very meagre pay being paid to them, the parents were unhappy due to increasing fee being charged by private schools.

A lot of schools who charge high fee from students have been given land by government at concessional rates and the parents are suffering due to high educational expenses.

Surprisingly the salaries of the staff in such schools is mostly well below the minimum government pay.

On coming to power I would take the following steps to tackle this problem:

Firstly, centralised admission system would be introduced for all private schools, and parents need not pay any donations for admitting a deserving child.

Secondly, the fee being charged by the private schools will be governed under government norms which would ensure fair and affordable fee structure.

Thirdly, minimum prescribed salaries for private school teachers would be paid, as prescribed by the government.

I look forward for more suggestions and ideas from you.

Warm Regards,

Satya Pal Jain