Mar 27 2009

‘One Additional Floor’ for All Residential and Commercial Structures in Chandigarh, alongwith Multi-storey & Underground parking

The population of Chandigarh has increased manifold. Till date, there is no Comprehensive Housing Policy for the city. Because of this, the housing and parking facilities available in Chandigarh have been rendered totally inadequate. Housing infrastructure has not kept pace with the city’s increasing requirements.

On coming to power in the Centre, my party would allow construction of One Additional Floor in all Residential as well as Commercial Structures, including Industrial Units, Bay-shops and Booths, in Chandigarh.

We would draw up a 10-year Plan for the growth of the city. Proper guidelines would be framed by an Expert Committee to ensure that safety and other requirements are met.

I would also like to assure you the provision of an additional floor would neither disturb the character of the city nor endanger its basic structure, as planned by Le Corbusier.

Our City has enough resilience to take such changes.

There are already several buildings in various sectors of the city – including those raised by Chandigarh Housing Board – which already have four storeys. Chandigarh Administration has also allowed an additional floor in the settlement colonies but in the absence of a Housing Policy, decisions in an ad-hoc manner cannot achieve the desired results.

We would also address the requirement of Parking Space for the present as well as the anticipated additional population of the city. Multi-storeyed and Underground parking facilities will be created for this purpose in each locality and market, after a proper study.

Parking is already a big problem in our city. That is why our emphasis is on framing a Comprehensive Housing Policy, which would address the issue of the Additional floor in residential and commercial structures as well as the provision of parking facilities – multi storey or underground – where possible.

I look forward to your views, suggestions and ideas for the Comprehensive Housing Policy.

Warm Regards.

Satya Pal Jain


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  1. Anonymous

    very good proposal sir
    we are with u

  2. Anonymous

    Chandigarh’s housing problem will be solved… people will get space and breath. thx

    Gursharan Singh

  3. Anonymous

    Will it also improve parking problems in spaces like 35 and Madhya Marg… If yes than its a great great idea… Sudha

  4. Anonymous

    You should also take the very important issue of balanced rent control act in the housing policy

  5. Anonymous

    Sir I fully endorse your views on additional floor in Marla houses of Chandigarh.
    Population of Chandigarh is increasing day by day and space is limited, we don’t have any option but to move vertical. Some people are saying it will affect heritage status for the city but this is totally misleading, many institutional buildings and flats in Chandigarh are already four story. More over heritage status for city is not more important than problems which people of city face. What is the use of heritage status for city when people don’t have space to live? Sir I would also like to bring to your notice some other property related problems being faced by residents of Chandigarh due to high headiness of officers of Chandigarh under congress regime.
    First of all they have formulated Chandigarh Estate rules 2007 to grab the prime property from the people of city in the name of minor building violations committed by owners in their buildings as they have made it impossible for the owners to pay the forfeiture amount which will now be calculated according to market value (from auctions of the similar property) which has sky rocketed. It is not that owners do not want to remove the violations but the problem arises when they have rented their properties. They can not get the tenant evicted from their properties sooner as it takes decades by our courts for deciding such cases and they have to face the wrath of officers of Chandigarh administration and face the resumption proceedings which makes their life hell. Officers of Chandigarh administration are deliberately identifying such properties and sending resumption notices in order to harass the owners of the buildings to the core.
    Secondly continuing with their age old anti trader polices of Congress party, they have increased the fine for misuse of building by Ten times (without getting any kind of sanction from the Parliament of India) in order to make it impossible for the owners of buildings to pay such hefty fines. And the officers of Chandigarh administration got the opportunity to send resumption notices in order to grab such prime properties just to increase the revenue of Chandigarh Administration by re-auctioning such properties. They know that owners of buildings can not stop the misuse in their tenanted premises neither they will get early relief from courts. This has been done at the behest of owners of the Shopping Malls who want to ruin the trade of traditional traders of chandigarh in order to increase their customer base which is almost nil in chandigarh.
    Traders of Chandigarh should unite and throw the congress party out of power which is taking them for granted. Also I hope if BJP comes to power it will review the dictatorial powers conferred to officers of Chandigarh administration under Capital of Punjab development & regulation act 1952 ( which is 57 yrs. old archaic act) in order to make life of the people of chandigarh peaceful. Cases of Building violations & misuse should be differentiated from cases of non payment of dues. Only the person who faces the resumption proceedings by Estate office knows the kind of stress one feels with fear of loosing the property which he has owned with life long hard earned money. I know at least one person who died of heart attack some days after his property was resumed by estate office.
    Best of luck for General Elections
    Your well-wisher,
    (Name not disclosed due to fear of officers of Estate office)
    Jai Hind.

  6. Akaash

    Dear Mr Jain
    I received your letter stating your vision for chandigarh. I am not a political supporter or a follower, but I have my doubts about your promises for which I need an answer from you. I assure you that if I feel you mean business, I and many more will fully support you

    1. Chandigarh already has a host of educational institutions and you have promised more like the IIT’s and IIM’s. I am sure you would be aware that Mohali is opening its IIT this year and chandigarh does not have adequate space required to open an IIM. so how will you realize this vision of yours. Also, why do you want to promote just engineers and managers when there are already so many of them. Why not promise people from different educational streams higher education

    2. you are promising to reduce traffic congestion and on the other hand promoting extra floors for residential premises, which means an indirect increase of 33% more space to live and therefore 33% more people. You have been living in this city for such a long time, do you think the infrastructure in the city can afford all this. Our city is in the need for stricter rules to prevent unauthorized construction so that chandigarh can be preserved and every new activity happens on the outskirts. All residents of city need a cleaner and a peaceful life, that is what we are known for. Flyovers, taller buildings will only lead to bigger problems. Do not promise destruction of the city to its residents.

    3. you should take a step to prevent illegal construction behind the lake and all such areas. This will retain the beauty of the city. not making arrangements for more residential space. The city was built for a maximum of 5 lakh people. we are already 12 lakh registered people. Can we accommodate another 4-5 lacs. think about it.

    4. Tourism is one industry which can never be recession proof. Kindly tell your consultants to think before consulting you on something.

    5. IT park is under utilized. It holds an opportunity for thousands of jobs. You should promise the residents that once you are voted to power you will make sure companies do not waste space.Rather than promising newer opportunities and thus more land acquisition for wasteful purposes

    6. Chandigarh can not have its own service board because most government jobs in this area are from Punjab government or Haryana government. For other jobs center holds the right. This is just not possible to have our own service board. Can you assure me that what I am stating is wrong.

  7. neha

    I did not receive any letter from anyone.
    Im just a due diligent voter who would like to know n understand the political scenario better, and therefore act responsibly for that is my right and
    duty as an Indian citizen..

    Coming from an ethically and morally sound education background, I have learnt a few things in life:

    1) To support people when they have something to offer; not just to improve the community around them but also the society as a whole.
    2) Be patient and wait for things to happen before pulling them down.

    My dear friend Aakash doesnt seem to have understood or rather learnt these two principles in his tenure of learning…

    I find him very skeptical and very against Mr. Satyapal Jain.
    I fail to understand the reson behind his animosity(maybe thats because he believes a lot in the congress regime and fair enough) but then what exactly
    is the objective????

    I dont have anything personal against any of the political ppl here, but for the lack of faith in the youth that merely disappoints me.
    We the ppl want to disagree with everything our political leaders say and do, but not help them built a better tomorrow and a better nation.
    We are so lost in our personal goals and beliefs that we shall not leave any stone unturned to see someone tarnished and blemished for life even if it
    calls for falling and stooping to the lowest of levels….

    Why cant we support someone if he wants to do something good for the city. I know its a difficult proposition but what comes easy on this earth!!!!
    Lets atleast start, start somewhere. There are bound to be problems in everything we do, but that does’nt mean we dont go ahead with it, coz we are
    scared that we may fail. we need to support each other for thats what is going to take us ahead. (I bet nobody can disregard or disagree with this thesis)

    I still dont know who I shall vote for in the coming elections. Maybe I dont as well for my professionals commitments… but I just urge the youth of
    the country to think sagaciously and think with an open mind, to think rationally and not just vote for someone who belongs to my grandfather’s party,
    or for someone who is from the same caste, same religion, same creed, but try and vote for someone who really does believe in doing good for us as a
    city and as a country, who can move us ahead and show us the way and lead the way for us….

    Hopefully someone like a stayapal jain can….

    All the best sir….

  8. Jitin Talwar

    Service boards are a hub of corruption, Private sector like IT, Bio tech, Nano Technology an renewable sources of energy have much more potential.
    IT Park has a huge potential and land acquisition process has been stalled… look at the jobs that the place will generate. If elected, you should lead a delegation of TIE/CII and promote Chandigarh as an industrial investment destination.

  9. Sanjeev

    Dear Jain Sahib

    Nice thought but what about commercialisation of CHB. Chandigarh Housing Board is working like a royal state agent. I wish u win and after that housing got affordable as it was earlier thru CHB

    Gud Luck to u


  10. DizzyDog

    Dear Mr. Jain,

    When will the political class talk about the ever growing population of our country, the root cause for all evil. No party or politician has the guts to bring up this subject. Who is going to bell the cat? All the problems of India lie in it’s burgeoning population that leads to evils like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, starvation, crime, etc.
    I know it could be political suicide, but somebody has to take the initiative.
    Think about it.

  11. Nitin Kumar


    You didn’t mentioned any palns for people residing outside laldora in villages. What about them?

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Mr Jain
    All the best for your election compaign i am not a political activist although once i was big time BJP supporter and met you 5-6 times as well anyway moving forward sir i think affordable house pricing is the key issues and also it will a good idea to check with the estate office when people do get their houses/homes registered how much money they pay i bet all of us dont like to pay proper stamp duty I know this wont be a public friendly move but it will be a country friendly move .Sir the time has come when more transparency is required in the governance. I think if you propose government affiliated estate agents that would keep check on the house prices and check on CHB/estate offices.

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