Apr 22 2009

Resolving the Electricity Problem of Chandigarh

I still remember the time when Chandigarh was one of the only cities in the country without an electricity shortage. It used to be a unique identification for the city.
However, today this thought seems like a hazy dream.
Chandigarh, today, is facing its most serious power problem since its establishment in 1966. This power shortage is increasing each day and is adversely affecting the city’s trade, industry, business as well as the normal life of the city residents.
Chandigarh does not have its own mode of electricity generation. Therefore, it has to buy electricity from other states. The city, in its capacity as a partner state in Bhakra Nangal, is entitled to 3.5% share in the electricity generated by it, also at a cheaper price. However, we are not getting our share.
During my tenure as MP from 1996-99, I initiated two solutions to the problem.
I took up the issue of not receiving 3.5% share of Chandigarh with the Central Government.
(See Give UT’s share of power: JainThe Tribune, 22 December 1998.)
The permanent solution to the power shortage of the city is establishment of a Non-polluting Power Plant in the vicinity of Chandigarh. I also raised this issue during my tenure and was successful in persuading the Central Government to consider this demand seriously.
(See Chandigarh may get own power plantThe Tribune, 8 July 1998.)
However, thereafter, these initiatives were not taken forward by the subsequent Member of Parliament from Chandigarh.
If elected to represent Chandigarh, I will take these two initiatives forward and would endeavour to provide both a short term as well as a permanent solution to the problem of power shortage in Chandigarh.
I await your thoughts.
Warm Regards,
Satya Pal Jain

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  1. Anonymous

    Sir the power problem in Chandigarh is worsening. Today we had 2 to 3 hours cut in the entire city. Please do something.

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