Social Welfare Committee inspects Snehalaya

Chandigarh December 9, 2018. The Social Welfare Committee of the Chandigarh Administration led by its Chairman Sh. Satya Pal Jain today visited and inspected the “Snehalaya” in Maloya today morning. The committee went around the entire building, interacted with the staff, students and the children in this rehabilitation centre.

Replying to questions put up by Sh. Jain some of the children said that they want to join Army and Police after finishing their studies with a view to serve their nation better. Some of the children said that though facilities for playing game are available there but in case more sports facilities are provided, they will like to play Badminton, Football, Cricket etc. more effectively.

Sh. Jain and members of the Committee went to each and every room where the children reside and also visited the dining hall and the kitchen where the food is prepared for the children.

Some of the children expressed their desire to Sh. Jain that they want to talk to him alone, Sh. Jain took them to the adjoining room and talked to them in the absence of all the officials. The children explained some of their difficulties to him which he said he will convey to the Administration. The students also wanted more facilities of Computer and Wifi etc. so that they could communicate better with the outside world.

Sh. Jain said that the Social Welfare Committee would submit its report with the 8 – 10 days to the Administrator. It may be recalled that this centre has about 100 male children who need special care and all the arrangements for that are made by the Social Welfare Department of the Chandigarh Administration.

Among others Smt. Ruchi Singh, Director, Social Welfare, Dr. Sangeeta Vardhan, Principle Mrs. Sahota, Smt. Anamika Walia, Dr. Sheenu Aggarwal, Sh. Narinder Chaudhary, Dr. Ramneek, Ms. Rajni Gupta, Mr. Dev Ranjan Negi & Smt. Renu Bala were also present on this occasion.