Mar 26 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Through this space, I would like to share with you my views, thoughts and proposals for the integrated development of Chandigarh as well as the other issues that would form part of my Election Manifesto for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections from Chandigarh Parliamentary Consistuency, scheduled for 13th May, 2009.

I invite you to share your opinion and suggestions on the above issues with me, by posting your comments.

I shall keep this blog posted with the latest updates and events regarding my election campaign. I will also write regularly on the main issues facing our city and country.

I look forward to your ideas and suggestions on the same.

Warm Regards.

Satya Pal Jain


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  1. Jitin Talwar

    I have gone through the BJP manifesto released today and i like the TAX reduction proposal,I think reducing taxes makes a lot of sense in a grim economic situation.

  2. Anonymous

    dear Mr. Jain ..

    I recieved a letter from your party , encouraging me to offer my views and suggestions upon your candidature as my city’s MP.

    Sir , with all due respect , i have a few questions to ask you.

    Your party in its manifesto has stated that it will raise the income tax bar to rs 3 lakh.
    But the business daily Mint has reported that this action will reduce the number of Income tax accesses by half , causing a manifold increase in India’s deficit.

    What do you have to say on that.

    Please do answer this query ,

  3. diffable

    Mr jain
    I would like to ask you various steps you would like to initiate for the welfare of physically handicap persons in the Chandigarh.
    Chartered Accountant
    #1180 Sector 51-B Chandigrh

  4. arun

    Infrastructure Vision–
    Download Infrastructure vision document of BJP

    Visit to –http://bjpkarnataka.org/

  5. Anonymous

    Respected Jain,
    It has become a hards fact even truth that Political corruption is giving birth to all the evils prevailing in society. Owing to the corruption at high level ie politics every sector of the society has DEVIL, be it education or medical BEYOND THE REACH OF HONEST PERSON. Even Peon in the office expect some thing after watching a Manister and big bosses beaucrats. DO TO REMOVE ALL THESE THING INSTEAD OF PROMISES OF OTHER THING.

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